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In 1979 my father ordered a Rubber Stamp from a company in the Melbourne CBD, after making the order he went to the shop the next day to pick up his rubber stamp. When he entered and asked for his stamp the young lady could not locate the order. The owner of the business then realised that the stamp could not be located and instead of assisting the young lady he become irate and started to abuse his staff member. My father patiently watched this unfold and after a number of minutes his rubber stamp was located and handed to him by the young lady who was visibly upset and shaken by the way her boss had treated her. My father then casually asked if this happens all the time and why. She said it was common and it was because they were so busy they could not cope with the demand.

There was the light bulb moment and my father then started up a business that same year named Dial-A- Stamp, manufacturers of Rubber Stamps. Some 41 years later Dial A Stamp continues to manufacture quality Rubber Stamps for all industries all over Australia.

In 2019 my mother who ran the business for the family since 1979 decided to retire and after putting the business up for sale and seeing potential buyers look to purchasing I decided with my wife that I could not bear to see the business be removed from the family after all these years. Therefore we decided to purchase the business and for it to remain in the family and aim to pass it on to our children one day.

Since taking over we realised that we need to diversify into different products and as a result O’Brien Trophies was born. With our experience and heavy involvement in our children’s sport we decided that we would be able combine our Rubber Stamp business alongside a Trophy business.

Our Rubber Stamp business has succeeded for only one reason and that is CUSTOMER SERVICE and we will carry on that mantra to our Trophy business.